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Matra offers learning and education in the fields of innovation and applied creativity by applying principles of design thinking, artificial intelligence and strategic business models.
We offer a matured methodology based on different learning journeys of a vast set of clients including corporate houses, organizations, individual professionals and students. Driving knowledge transfer by imparting training through experiential workshops, collaborative exercises, case studies, games.

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Workshop Portfolio
AI and Design
Systems of the Future
Digital Product and Development
Design Thinking Primer
UX/UI Design Principles
Story Telling for Influence
Accelerating Innovation
Creative Problem Solving
Foundations of Creative Leadership
Learning Path
Future leaders are expected to simultaneously apply knowledge of design thinking and emerging technologies in order to create better and effective solutions.
What you get
  • Customise your own workshop
  • Live online classes
  • Mentoring from industry experts
  • Engage in hands-on learning through project
  • Personalised feedback on your worksheets to facilitate improvement
Innovation at the cross roads

Matra offers learning and education in the fiels of innovation and applied creativity by appliing principles of design thinking, artificial inteligence and strategic business models.

Key Workshops
Why Matra Workshop?

Practicing with professionals who are stonger than you in a particular area of development, strengthens you. As corporates take on complex business problems, diverse teams need to come together and offer an integrated solution. A workshop is one of the better ways to achieve this.

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