About Living Brandz
Living brand goal is make any brand alive with power of technology like AI and AR for masses with seamless magical user experience without any barrier (like app or hardware) By engaging with customers immersive way we aim to dasten sales , support and upselling cycles
User Engagement



Welcome to the Spatial Web
AI Interactive Interface

AI Enhanced with a Content
Management System – Gesture
based, Facial Recognition, Targeted
Content, Motion tracking to name a
few. Can be configured with or
without touch. Includes Analytics on
viewership and interaction across

Client leadership intelligence platform (CLIP)

Client leadership mind mapping
preferences on emerging technology,
their interests, sentiments and
movements arrived at scanning 35,000
sources across different channels.
Insightful for consulting-led

Viral Engagement Platform

Build stakeholder advocacy on social
platforms for creating a viral
engagement. Comes with a curated
dashboard with sharable links across
different channels. Includes Analytics
and Lead generation.

What We Offer
AI Enable Interactive Digital Wall

– Gesture-based
– Facial Recognition
– Targeted Content
– Motion tracking

Living Spaces

Make any indoor /outdoor space alive


Digital Outdoor Advertisement

Client leadership intelligence platform (CLIP)

– key-person analysis
– Mapping influencer circles.
– Integrated with Digital sales table/platform

Mass Transit AI based Advertisement Platform

Reach million-plus travelers with AI-based contextual engaging
Get real-time data with AI Camera and sensor-based contextual
advertising depending on the time of day, foot fall, type of travelers

AI based Virtual Makeup Application

In a pandemic-like situation, it’s necessary to not touch anything repeatedly. So same had been applied to the trail of makeup products. The provided solution can apply makeup like lipsticks, eyeliner, and foundation to a customer’s face.

VR/AR enabled 3D models

Just open the brandable scan link, point to any product /logo /part of
product and interact with it virtually in AR and AI bot

Contextual Targeting

Just open the brandable scan link, point to any product /logo /part of
product and interact with it virtually in AR and AI bot

Make Every Product/Collateral Live

Make any existing products, printed collaterals live with a single
unified brandable link (jam.yourbrand.com) and AI on WhatsApp,
Facebook ,Twitter, email, SMS