From India to UK : Tenets of a Cult

India's one of the most trusted brand for skin care and wellness. One of the biggest brand enjoys its strength in business and market holds with their consumer across all ages.

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About Project

Modicare is one of the largest multi-level marketing companies. Keeping distributed teams trained on company’s latest product additions, plans and skills is critical to its business success.


Taking a fresh look at the industry, mapping user needs, and understanding market scenarios, we identified a gap for the brand to fill through qualitative and quantitative research. This was followed by customer research and insight derivation to help shape and brand strategy.


Application for design thinking approach for data representation helped: Easily highlight areas that need attention or improvement. Clarify which factors influence customers.

Presentation Design
A complex product and a simple communication

Training material and engagement platforms designed to maximise user span of attention. Creative advantage and visual richness structured for a quick run through. A healthy mix of color and imagery for a strong unaided recall.

Slide Design
Connecting Brand with Audience

Make the product experience stand out, driving usability, relevance and value.

More to come…

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