Creating a leader brand
when a late entrant

OneCBD is a case study of how a late enterant in CBD oil based products, designed its win strategy for leadership. A flawless design thinking process coupled with efficient operaitons propelled the brand into higher and higher orbits, as its escape velocity continued to exceeded the gravitational pull.

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How do you sell without advertising?

In the category, where the brand cannot advertise, advocacy takes the center stage. Inducing product trials, driving unmatched experience and garnering repeat purchase are every design thinkers ideas, But then how do you do it when the market is in its infancy!

Designed around Archetypes

OneCBD was charting its leadership journey in a market where it was a late entrant. Crowded by several players who were undercutting the price for a set of consumers, who not the most discerning ones when it comes to quality.
How will the brand win the odds, especially when in addition to the above challenges the odds were computed by a ban on paid advertising and direct soliciting of business?


Educating the consumers, even when you are a late entrant in a crowded and unorganized market was a ticklish challenge. We decided to push the envelope of transparency and quality in a lifestyle brand and pivoted the business expansion on experience.

The business and interaction design, clearly stood out because it was anchored deeply on the study of the consumer personas, experience journeys, and projected evolution pathways. A holistic design approach encompassing not just the business design, but extending itself to experience design, responsive graphics, and responsible positioning allowed the teams to walk the tight rope of balancing the multi-varied archetypes.

CRM and loyalty programs in conjunction with activation campaigns for not just OneCBD but for the entire affiliate and wholesales network would pay rich dividends.


One CBD is poised to fast emerge as a leading ecosystem of quality lifestyle brand in the state.

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