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AI Product Design for US Healthcare

Based in Dallas, Texas, Saans Health develops artificial intelligence (AI) enabled solutions for health plans and healthcare providers to drive value in the healthcare industry.

Digital Product   |   Communication Design

About Project

Design a product that uses AI proprietary deep learning techniques across the broad spectrum of disease acuities; mapping chronic to acute disease progression, and their predicted trajectories.

Leverage this understanding to drive Value in Healthcare, better outcomes at lower costs.


Massive data of health care industry requires more than just static charts and pretty looking visualizations; we need to go beyond by drilling deeper, probing further, and understanding the forces that influence the business while adding value to the patients


Application of design thinking approach for data representation helped:
– Easily highlight areas that need attention or improvement.
– Clarify which factors influence customer behavior.
– Helped place relevant information in the right section of the screen for a good user experience based on the identification of user needs.

Brand Identity & Colours

Make the product expereince stand out, driving usability, relevance and value segwaying away from the existing ways of diagnosis and approach towards chornic disease management and populaiton health management.

Digital Innovation
Website Design

Make the product experience stand out, driving usability, relevance, and value segwaying away from the existing ways of diagnosis and approach towards chronic disease management and population health management.

Digital Innovation
A complex product a simple presentation

The client leadership believed in design thinking and that was most helpful.

Nor were they knowledgeable about the benefits of the design approach but also participative and mentoring when required.

Through an immersive empathetic study the wireframes of the product were finalized and iterated to build a robust, relevant, complex, and yet product with simple presentation.

Every business has a story to tell and these days that story usually involves data. At a time when people expect software to help make sense of their data, it’s the responsibility of the designer to ensure that data presentation is meaningful, compelling, and most importantly, easy to interprete

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