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Experience Research

About Project

To come up with a clever way to understand the purchase pattern of fuel and Improving customer experience at fuelling stations


The project is about conducting design research that focuses on improving the customer experience at fuelling stations (petrol pumps). We need to go beyond by drilling deeper, probing further, and understanding the forces that influence the customers, and considering all the stakeholders involved.


Application of design thinking approach for user and market reserach helped:
– Mapping the behaviour and painpoint of Consumer.
– Clarify which factors influence good user experience.
– Empathic research and interactive sessions with other stakeholder helped in driving an insightful outcome.


The Research objective was to map the needs and opportunity areas that can be explored for new product and service development with immersive insights. Customers from different locations and SEC classifications were invited to participate and engage in the interactive ideation.
This ensured real-impact solutions being generated from the ground up.

Participatory Research

We started by collecting data by interviewing multiple stakeholders involved end customer, Pump owner, manager, and workforce involved.
Analyzing all their data inputs and observations made from fields study and interviews helped us to define user personas and use case scenarios.

Brain storming excercises and presentations done with more than 40 customers. At the end, together, we arrived at 4 distinct opportunities for the brand expansion.
This process also helped in collecting real feedback from target audience. It’s a rigorous, battle-tested and proven approach to strategy development and implementation.

Card Sorting

On the basis of inputs collected persona mapping was done. That helped us understand the touchpoint and key motivation for the different users on the basis of their age, sex, gender, and economic status.

User Journey Mapping

Mapping the various stages involved in an activity cycle helps to focus on finding key points of user experience which is very essential to derive customer-centric solutions.

Final Outcome

Customer Experience is a competitive advantage. Besides pulling market share, it will increase the cost of operations for competition. Minimising Fuelling Time Maximises the Experience positively.
Loyalty is driven by the trust within the proximity radius. Oligopolistic market demands Trust Through Transparency and the zero meters seems to be drawing a Blank.
Unaided recall stronger for the Petrol Pump Owner compared to Company Brand Owners behave as a Brand in themselves. Capitalizing on a strong family culture for business-like outcomes is rare.

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