Strategic Consulting

From strategy to execution, our winning combination of innovative thinking, scientific design, sophisticated development, and advanced engineering ensure we’re delivering fresh value to help you grow.
By involving customers and other stakeholders in the definition of the problem and the development of solutions, design thinking garners a broad commitment to change, with deep research and data analysis and brainstorming, insight-driven business solutions are formed.
Now and Next
Business Model Innovation

We join forces with you to design a user-centric and future-robust business model using Design Thinking and Megatrends studies. We adopt an experimental and collaborative approach to redesign and reinvent processes and build a model which helps you sustain the disruptive environment.

Design Thinking

Designing is more than creating products and services; it can be applied to systems, procedures, protocols, and customer experiences.

Customer Experience Optimization

Customer Experience (CX) optimization is about standing out of the crowd, the right way. It sounds way more complex than it is. But we’ll let you into a little secret: it’s really just telling your brand’s story in a way that gets your customers’ attention.

Digital Transformation

As strategy consultants, we dig deep to know everything possible that helps us craft better solutions. It’s all about bringing business goals, market and user needs together.

Unconventional by Design

Matra offers learning and education in the fiels of innovation and applied creativity
by applying principles of design thinking, artificial intelligence and strategic business models.

Beat the Band Wagon Fallacy

An experience strategy identifies the most important, holistic experience for both a business and a customer. That identification process involves much more than sending out a survey or conducting an interview. Empathic dive into your customers need unveils real value innovation.

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