Inauguration of State-of-the-Art AI-Based Medical Lab Experience Centre
Revolutionizes Healthcare Diagnostics

Kharar, Mohali June 4th, 2023 : Holy Basil Labs is delighted to announce the grand inauguration of cutting-edge AI-based Medical Lab Experience Centre – ‘Swasthya Sathi. This state-of-the-art laboratory harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and to revolutionize patient care and enhance medical outcomes. The inauguration ceremony, attended by esteemed healthcare professionals, distinguished guests, and industry experts, showcased the tremendous potential of AI-driven medical diagnostics in transforming the healthcare landscape.

Swasthya Sathi boasts a team of world-class physicians and data experts working collaboratively to leverage the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. “Our AI-based Medical Lab, represents a significant milestone in the convergence of Artificial intelligence and healthcare,” said Dr Sachin Verma, Director Holy Basil Labs. “By combining the expertise of our highly skilled medical professionals with the power of advanced technologies, we shall ultimately improve patient outcomes and transform the way healthcare is delivered.”

Marking the occasion, Dr Geetanjali Grover, Lab Head Swasthya Sathi, said, ‘The launch of Swasthya Sathi – AI-based Medical Lab Experience Centre signifies a paradigm shift in medical diagnostics, underscoring our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in healthcare”. This AI based experience is built on robust Quality Management System of lab diagnostics. Congratulating everyone on the occasion, Ajay Davessar, Director Holy Basil Matra- the Healthcare Artificial Intelligence company , said, “We are thrilled to bring the latest AI facilities to the region and dedicated to collaborate with medical professionals, institutions, and research organizations to continuously advance the field of AI-driven Labs”

Today, patients are being empowered and better health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and a more patient-centered approach to healthcare delivery are being contributed to by the digital healthcare ecosystem.

About Holy Basil Group

Holy Basil Group constitutes of Holy Basil Hospitals, Holy Basil Labs and Holy Basil Matra- the Healthcare Artificial Intelligence company. The ecosystem is a dedicated to revolutionizing patient care through cutting-edge technologies. With a focus on integrating healthcare with artificial intelligence, data analytics, and advanced medical solutions, the group strives to improve diagnostic accuracy, enhance treatment efficacy, and transform healthcare delivery on a global scale.

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