Tip for Zero UI Colors reduce Steps

Zero UI is the art of making the interacting person go through minimal steps to get to the information or to classify and differentiate the information.

It is generally believed that most aspects of Zero UI would fall in the realm of Artificial Intelligence or similar deep technologies. It is also thought to be an untouchable realm of design thinkers and design strategists. Well, we have a different take on it

While it is true that AI and design thinking principles do help in Zero UI, we feel that we can achieve Zero UI by applying creativity and ingenuity of thinking.  Take the case of colors. Look at nature. It has organized the entire landscape on earth with seven color families and offers us the differentiation and understanding of classification based on the color codes. We infer, understand and choose our interactions based on the color schemes

In real life, we do have some examples of using colors like red, green to convey interaction guidelines. We subconsciously infer red and green almost instantly.

UI experts have long been using colors to give subconscious signals. We are asking to push the boundaries to use colors for interaction design.

Author: Ajay Davessar

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