Why Are Product Designers Fretting?

Product Designers have been rejoicing in being one step ahead of consumer’s expectations as they launched newer incredible experiences and functionalities.

Well, not so easy anymore as AI sounds intimidating!

Artificial Intelligence is “a machine that can act using human-style reasoning or perception”. AI excels in dynamic personalisation, handling multiple variables, and create variations. With that, the possibilities of thinking spurned by Artificial Intelligence have taken consumer’s expectations to levels of the fantasy of science fiction. As the imagination runs amok, any new functionality that product designers come up with fails to create the wow effect which a product designer would have desired.

It truly is the consumer’s world! It’s time for higher levels of creativity and imagination. Therefore the question arises:  Can the contours of the Product Design Process accommodate this energy and ask? Will it change the fundamental approach to designing, or will the process and imagination reign supreme and yet again get ahead of the technology power.

Author: Megha Joshi

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