AI As the New UI

As the strategy and business models evolve from “Customer is the King” to “Customer Experience being the King,” the conversations are centering around User Experience and User Interaction (UI).

At every interaction point, a brand, product, or platform wants to drive the User to the zone of repeat purchase, loyalty, and advocacy.  As meaningful User interactions become the center point and the atomic constituent of User Experience, leading further to the marketing strategy and business model innovations, User Interaction is gaining the proper attention it needs.

Meaningful User Interactions (MUI) need insights into consumer preferences, marketing dynamics, and consumer behavior. These insights are required both in the mode of asynchronous evaluation and feedback, as well as on the fly analysis and generation of actionable options.

This is where we get into the realm of personalization at scale. To be able to analyze both the expressed as well as the unexpressed needs, universal data in large volumes, pertaining to a case in point, needs to be evaluated. This leads us to Big Data and Data Science.

The interaction at speed and at scale also needs an optimal mix of humans as well as service-providing machines and software. We now Segway into the realm of Machine learning and Deep Neural Networks. We start looking at the learning loops and data structures feeding these. We are witnessing the alignment of the entire AI towards a Meaningful UI.

As products and companies compete to win the battle of market share, talent share, and revenue share, the overarching goal seems to be moving towards the share of Meaningful User Experience, which is what we know is being driven by AI.

Author: Ajay Davessar

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